What we do

  1. Investing in initiatives that increase grassroots women economic power and participation in all leadership and governance starting at the household level.
  2. Increasing and sustaining quality involvement of grassroots women in leadership and governance as stipulated by Kenya Constitution 2010
  3. Supporting grassroots women’s movement to build constituencies and lead initiatives that press for systemic change in the decision-making/power structures that affect development processes
  4. Conducting grassroots Social Audit and monitoring (of budgets, programs, service delivery) where Public resources are used.
  5. Promoting establishment of platform and Mentorship program for grassroots women’s governance initiatives and for women contesting for office
  6. Evaluation of leadership development process to assess the quality of leadership grassroots women have produced internally and externally
  7. Link grassroots women with development practitioners and partners to advance local investments initiatives.
  8. Create mechanisms to share grassroots perspective and work on promoting women efforts in development with partners and stakeholders
  9. Grassroots women’s knowledge management (tool creation), exchange and transfer
  10. Documentation and strengthening of communication systems for grassroots women development practitioners to learn and exchange lessons
  11. Support learning processes (exchange and transfer; M&E)
Areas of Specialization
  • Women Economic Empowerment and Social Support
  • Counseling
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Mediation
  • Women & Children Human Rights Education and Campaigns
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Internship
  • Networking and Collaboration